Mar 272018

The good thing about being sick is that I don’t attempt to do all.the things. The bad thing is that I feel as bad as last week. Meh.

I did not spend the day in bed, though. I looked for some yoga for when you’re sick online and did that (and found that I’m surprisingly stiff), and I helped making lunch, and did the dishes, and talked to my husband who is agonizing about maybe buying a new bass guitar, and I knitted another gauge swatch for the Carbeth cardigan that looks more promising, and then I spent most of the afternoon spinning and watching Netflix. First a documentary about the Minimalists and then more „Grace and Frankie“ after dinner.

I taught one student and I played the piano for about ten minutes.

I even cooked dinner for the boy.

I also finished the Hedgerow socks in the morning. I was pretty surprised that it only took me a little more than thirteen hours to make them. I would have thought I needed more time than that.IMG 1217

That little experiment also showed me that most days I knit for about half an hour in the morning. Sometimes it’s a full hour but not much more.

Funny, when I list my day like that it sounds pretty busy. Didn’t feel like it, though.

Today there will be a trip to the health food store, and I will have to make my own lunch for once because my husband is going out with a friend again. There will be loads of spinning and maybe even some writing even if I don’t feel very well.

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