Mar 232018

I was all motivated to write like crazy yesterday but then I just – didn’t. I did look at what I had written the day before and changed a ting or two and then I got stuck because I didn’t know what should happen next.

At least at some point in the afternoon I got sensible and started doing something else. I pulled out the two DSs that a friend gave me that I wanted to repair. I started taking the one apart that’s broken worse and found that I – need an additional part. And then I took the second one apart and fixed it. Of course something went a little wrong, it always does, but now it’s put together again and should be up and running. I haven’t tested it yet, though, there was no time.

Today there will be cleaning and going out for lunch with my husband to which I’m really looking forward to, and then I will teach my one student for the day (one is sick, one is in Spain, on is in England, and the boy is working) and then write like the wind. I hope.

And then it will be Easter break. I already decided to wait a little longer before recording the podcast because I still don’t have much of a voice.

I have plans for Easter break, lots of plans.

So stay tuned for the inevitable breakdown and not getting anything done for the first five days or so.

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