Mar 202018

As predicted, I spent the day mostly in bed, a little bored and not feeling all that great.

I did all my teaching. I should have rescheduled the singing student, though, because he had a cold as well and so we were a sorry sight, both sniffling with no voice in my case and not much of a voice in his. We still managed to make a little progress.

My last student didn’t even show. It’s always a little weird, that waiting and not knowing.

The boy came home just when I was setting the table for dinner which was an excellent timing. He was pretty exhausted from his first full day of work. Seems he actually got things to do. Sandwiches for lunch turned out to have been the right choice.

I went to bed at 9.30, giddy about the prospect of getting all.the.sleep and then woke up at 5. I feel a bit cheated.

Today there will be some grocery shopping – but not all because I’m still sick – and some teaching, more than yesterday, and a little writing (got 250 words in yesterday).

If the cold isn’t gone by Thursday the podcast will have to be late. It can’t be helped, no voice – no podcast.

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  1. Gute Besserung!

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