Mar 142018

So yesterday was all in all a pretty good day, my husband still feels mightily overwhelmed by everything, a feeling I can totally understand, I went tot the big supermarket and am starting to find my way around it better, and I didn’t write a single word all day but managed 1,000 words right before bed but the best news yesterday was the email the boy go at lunchtime.

We were sitting around making frantic plans about how he could spend the afternoon to get an internship after all when he looked at his emails on his phone and said, „I got the internship.”

One of the two places he had called last week that had told him to send his application in will take him. He’ll start on Monday and he’ll spend half of his Easter break working there as well.

I slept all night like a log, 8 1/2 blissful hours.

And now I’m a little late and need to hustle.

There will be all the usual Wednesday things today, including running and music and writing. I have a list. A long one.

But I am almost relaxed. Which is great.

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