Mar 102018

Wow, that was a fully packed day.

I started listening to the podcast and writing show notes right after breakfast. Then I uploaded the video to youtube and cleaned the house. Well, mostly.

People seem to like the video which makes me happy.

I helped to make pizza, and taught all.the.students, and failed to bake muffins because by then I really needed a break.

The boy and I watched some Star Trek, and the DVD failed near the end so we couldn’t watch it. Then I puttered around until it was time for a webinar about „How to carve out space to achieve your big, deadline-free creative goals“ which was really good but after 90 minutes I quite because I wanted to get some sleep.

The theme of busyness will carry through to today, there will be running, and finishing slippers, and maybe baking, and writing, and the spinning meeting.

I’m hoping that the weather is nice enough to ride my bike there. Biking and taking the bus takes about the same amount of time but my bike can leave anytime whereas the bus only goes every thirty minutes.

I’m not quite sure how to shoehorn everything in today, we’ll see.

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