Mar 042018

Well, I had plans for yesterday. In the end I sat on the kitchen bench feeling cold all day. While the woos stove was heating the apartment up in a way that everybody coming in felt like they were standing in a furnace.

I did manage to go for a run, so that was nice.

IMG 1184

Otherwise I crocheted, and I started knitting slippers and the first one turned out way too small, and so I made another gauge swatch:

IMG 1183

And another one, and I read a lot, and did exercises from the book „Growing Gills“ (AmazonAffiliate-Link), and then I sat some more. It took me most of the day to persuade myself to take a shower.

I worked on the novel for twenty minutes in the morning without adding a single word (because I was just looking at what I had already written which is my new process) and then my husband was up much earlier than usual.

I did manage to write 600 new words in the evening at least.

Today I want to do strength training, and to print a sewing pattern. And maybe add to the endless list of stuff that I need or want to do.

I’m also tracking my time again – another exercise from the book – and putting in „sitting, reading and crochet“ for three hours in the afternoon is a little sad. It also describes a great afternoon. I’m a bit torn.

I did start reading „Wraith“ (Amazon-Affiliate-Link) by Helen Harper and am loving it.

The tidying and caring for the house that we had planned for this weekend doesn’t seem to happen. I have it in my calendar but everybody else seems to have forgotten. And I don’t want to remind them.

We are all basically waiting for Easter break to come around which is an unfortunate way to live.

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