Feb 262018

Yesterday didn't really go all that well, I spent most of my day sitting around reading a book about depression and anxiety, and how much that is a problem of how our society is working. Which made me a little depressed.

I did do strength training which makes me happy (and my leg muscles a little sore, as it should). The boy and I watched some Star Trek and such in the evening which was nice, and for once I managed to not open a second beer after that. Very good.

The boy had turned the computer off after we had used it as a DVD player, and when I turned it on again to have another look at the novel-in-progress it wouldn't boot up properly. It boots, the status bar goes to 100% and then it gets stuck. Fun!

So I went to bed too late because I wanted to try a few things, and then I woke up at 4.30 thinking that the decision I had made on Saturday was completely wrong (lucky for me it wasn't final yet and is easily reversible), and by 5.30 I couldn't sleep anymore because of the computer issue.

I am very, very happy to have an ipad with a keyboard so I can type this. I am also happy to have a backup of my computer, and especially happy that I have backups of my novels in several places including my tablet and phone.

After a bit of googling I think there might be a solution for my computer problem. The error was “Too many corpses being created” by the way. I can start it in recovery mode and the hard disk checks out fine so it should be something software-related.

I am also extemely happy that if I needed a new computer I could dip into the emergency fund and get one.

I am not happy that I will have to spend many hours on a malfunctioning piece of equipment. I haven't really changed anything, it just spontaneously decided to not work anymore.

Oh, and the boy overslept this morning. But I woke him up and he still left for school in time. Lesson of the day: if you use your ipad as an alarm, make sure it is charged.

I really hope that I will manage to go for a run today, and write lots of words in addition to the many hours of re-starting the computer yet again, this time with a different key pressed down. The internet tells me that I either need to delete all users, or re-install the OS, or wipe the hard drive and re-install everything. Yeah, this will be fun, for sure.

I guess there won't be a lot of music today. There will definitely be quite a few students. I hope to be able to teach them without using the computer. That shouldn't be a problem for most of them but when I give singing lessons we usually sing along to something playing on the computer. But I can make do with plugging the tablet or phone into my stereo, no problem.

Yeah, great start into the week.

Though I have to say that things like these make me oddly calm inside. It makes me realize what is really important, and I feel competent dealing with crap like this.

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