Feb 222018

That’s what I get for whining about things – they turn out better than expected!

So I managed most everything I wanted to do yesterday, and helped the boy a bit but had to draw the line at some point which means he sent off the application without my final approval. But he sent it off.

I got to the meeting in the evening on time even, and had dinner at home beforehand, and there were only two of us and so I got to talk about all the joys of having a teenager for once.

I stayed out late, the train left right when I entered the platform (but the doors didn’t open), and I had to wait twenty minutes for the next one which always feels like a waste of time, and is rather cold. I should have spent a minute looking at the timetable while still in the restaurant. I could have caught that train, or waited in the warm.

Then I talked to my husband for an hour, and then I read a book, and then it was really, really late.

I am expecting to run out of steam sometime around two today.

There will be running, and music, and writing, and lots of teaching, and not a lot of anything tonight.

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