Feb 162018

I’ve reached the point of my week off where I’m totally over it. Also I’d like a chance to start the week again, please.

Yesterday I did an epic grocery shopping expedition to the bigger supermarket that’s farther away. I am getting better at finding my way around it but it still took me 1 1/2 hours.

I spent the afternoon eating way too much chocolate and procrastinating about making a list for the English podcast episode. As usual the procrastinating took about twice as long as making the list.

Still, I decided to let go of my fancy plans and goals for this week. Being sick is being sick, and if I don’t get something done things are not going to get better because I’m angry at myself. I can just try to do a little better today.

I also looked at how much time there was left in the book cover design course, and saw that I still have about six more hours of it to watch. And that’s before I start practicing what I learned.

Since there are three days left in the week I’m planning to spend two hours a day on watching the course, only about fifteen to thirty on writing (didn’t write all week) and to not try doing everything at once.

I also decided that the deadline for my podcast is not a hard one. I might record the English episode today, or maybe tomorrow, we’ll see. But I might only publish it next weekend, and wait another two weeks for the one after that. Being somewhat sick is a completely valid reason for moving things around a little.

Having so many projects going on at once that my head feels like it’s exploding doesn’t help any of them. At the moment I’m actively thinking about or working on:

  1. the novel that I’m currently writing,
  2. the novel that I just finished in rough draft that I need to revise
  3. the novel that I want to put out in installments for free
  4. the BFL yarn that I’m spinning for slippers
  5. the purple merino yarn that I’m spinning for a light cardigan
  6. the burgundy merino yarn that I’m spinning for another cardigan
  7. the pair of socks that I’m knitting for my husband
  8. the pair of socks that I’m knitting for myself
  9. the addtional squares I started crocheting for the Sophie’s Universe blanket
  10. the crochet blanket I’m making for my son
  11. the muslin for that damn dress that I want to finish
  12. the pattern that I want to draft for the other dress that I want to make
  13. de-cluttering (mostly on hold, I just think about sorting through that last pile of CDs about six times a day)
  14. getting the boy to study Latin and deal with his application ffor the internship
  15. recording and publishing the next English podcast episode
  16. trying something new for the podcast episode after that
  17. finishing the book cover design course, and trying my hand at designing covers
  18. various tech and computer-related things like hooking the DVD player up witht the TV again, getting the DSLR to record video and such

There is more but this is what’s in the forefront of my mind. No wonder I’ve been so scattered.

It will all get done eventually, but I might apply my time and energy a little more focused so I see results. I have to say that the textile projects for the most part don’t feel like they’re weighing me down. There are a lot of them, though.

Time to make that epic to do list, I guess. Maybe I should put that on the list for today…

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