Feb 152018

So I thought I was mostly well again but when I started doing the dishes after breakfast it became clear that going grocery shopping would not be a good idea that day.

The good thing is that we didn’t starve.

Of the three students I had expected one didn’t show up but the others did. Otherwise I watched two parts of the book cover design workshop, and started a new spinning project because I want to knit myself a new pair of slippers. As one does. Funny enough spinning bulky yarn – even if it’s cabled – goes much faster than my usual extra fine yarn. I’m almost halfway done with the singles already.

Other than that I was not productive at all yesterday, no music, no writing, no nothing.

I think I’m feeling better today. The plan is to do the grocery shopping this morning, and then to record the next English podcast episode this aftenroon. Never mind that I still need to prepare for this.

Writing would also be a good thing.

Not quite the week I envisioned but then I’m happy to have the time to lounge in bed to get better.

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