Feb 132018

And still not celebrating. But planning on getting even more Faschingskrapfen. Though I have to say that the two I ate yesterday were a bit much. At least I only ate a little dinner because of that.

My run went well even if I started late:

IMG 1163

Lunch was marvelous:

IMG 1164

Teching went well, and then I spontaneously decided to print out the paranormal cozy mystery I just finished writing. Well, the rough draft that is, and now I have a lovely binder full of story that I need to revise:

IMG 1165

And that was mostly it for the day. When you print something like that you need to check the printer and take out the pages and refill paper, and all that jazz. Then it was time for dinner which consistet of cheese in front of TV. In between I looked into every single old notebook I own because I’m sure I wrote down how to connect the DVD player to the TV somewhere but I didn’t find it.

I even stumbled over a notebook that I had bought 1999 in Brazil, and one that had all kinds of citations for my ill-fated PhD in it. My life has sure changed a lot. I also found one of those fat notebooks that I keep next to my computer instead of using tons of small notes, and I think I might have to add an index to these as well because it’s completely impossible to find anything in those.

I really love the bullet journal.

But it also showed me that my system of writing things down hasn’t changed that much. I have kept a general notebook for decades now, I think I started that when I started going to university because I was always losing pieces of paper, and I found that having one notebook to hold it all was much better. And since I had a somewhat nomadic lifestyle then I didn’t want to carry around several notebooks all the time, and so I have notebooks with to do-lists, and sewing projects, and study assignments and and song ideas all next to each other, each neatly labeled with the date.

And my handwriting has changed a lot I find. Not that I’m all that thrilled with how it is looking at the moment, improving my handwriting is also on the list of things that would be great to do.

Not today, though.

Today there will be the grocery shopping (all the grocery shopping), and writing, and strength training, and watching the book cover workshop some more, and singing and such, and maybe the hooking up the DVD player to the TV which means I will first have to get all the dust off all the electronics first.

I’d also love to not procrastinate about writing until bedtime, and to not leave the dishes dirty over night. Bonus points for that.

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