Feb 072018

Phew. That was a whirlwind day! And I couldn’t really say why. At least I turned the lights out at 10. First time this month. No writing, though, despite me really wanting to. I’m not quite sure if this is me being scared of the new writing method or if there actually was no time.

My husband got up rather early, and then my grocery shopping marathon started. I even met someone I know in the parking lot and had the „oh my, you have lost so much weight I barely recognized you!“-discussion standing there while my frozen blueberries and peas started melting. (No, I didn’t do a special diet, I just ate less. Thanks. No, I won’t tell you that I’m really angry that I packed six kilos back on in just a short time. No, I am not a super-disciplined person. You’re welcome.)

I came home just in time to help making the salad for lunch, then we ate our lasagna, I did the dishes and put on makeup. Then it was time to meet the potential new student. Which was really nice, and she is now an actual new student of mine. Very good.

In between students I wanted to practice but time got away from me (yes, the internet again) and I only did a singing warmup. I actually do need to get more disciplined so that I can use my time better in the future.

Just when my last student had left, the boy came back home from his science fair thing. Poor boy spent the whole day there, mostly being bored.

Then it was time for Orna Ross’ free webinar for creative entrpreneurs. She is doing one a month this year. I am finding the topics rather interesting but the information a little basic for my taste but then I have been a „creative entrepreneur“ of some kind for decades now. I keep forgetting that this teaching gig I do, the one that pays the bills, is something like that. Unfortunately not one that creates assets but instead one that makes me hire out my time but I’ll get there some day.

I also keep forgetting that with being fifty and constantly learning comes quite a bit of experience. Duh.

I still like her mixture of woo-woo and practical business sense, though, and maybe I’ll be able to connect with other people through this whole thing so I guess I’ll be attending those webinars again in the future.

But that webinar meant that 45 minutes of my time were spent on that instead of my writing which is not good at all.

I tried and stared at the screen a bit but I was just beyond tired at that point. I decided that if I coudn’t write I could at least move something else forward, learned how to use keywords in Scrivener which will help me keep track of which character appears in which scene, I hope, and managed to install the magic lantern software on my camera.

Then I read a bit and went to bed. Sleep was sorely needed.

Today will be another busy day (surprise), I want to run, write, practice, spin, meditate, teach, clean a little, make deodorant, and go to bed real early.

Ambitious plans.

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