Feb 052018

I’m still in a weirdly happy mood. I’m not complaining, though. I’m still blaming the thyroid medication.

Yesterday I didn’t really do anything. Just as planned. I had made a little list in my bullet journal just out of habit, and then I happily ignored it for the day.

The one thing I did do was watching „Silk Stockings“. I really love Fred Astaire films and I had never seen this one before so I rented it on Friday night.

This is not a good film at all. I mean, these musical films all suffer from plot holes and flat characters and all kinds of problems. Which is because the important thing about the film is always the music and the dancing.

It did drive home to me how deeply these films influenced me. How I heard most of the jazz tunes there first. And how much I miss dancing. That is about the only thing that I’d like to have more of in my life. That and drawing. I have been tempted by tap dance classes before and still deeply regret that I wasn’t allowed to do them when I was 13 or so because the shoes were so expensive. Which was a bit ridiculous.

But not right now. My life is rather full as it is, and not taking tap dance lessons is not making me unhappy.

Today there will be running, and teaching, and music, and writing. I finally did finish the first draft of the mystery novel yesterday for good, and started a new short story in the evening. That story feels like flash fiction so it should be done soon.

I’m not quite sure what I’ll write next. I’d like to do a couple of shorter things so I can play around more, I’d like to revise the novel I just finished, and I also would like to write the next in the series. And then there’s the book cover class. And more sewing.

Possibilities! Always exciting.

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