Jan 312018

Well, the best thing about yesterday was that I turned out the lights before ten. Hurray for getting enough sleep.

Other than that the grocery shopping kept me pretty busy, not only did I walk to two grocery stores, I also went to the bakery and the tea shop.

After lunch I spent a little time listening to the boy attempting his presentation. There’s still a lot of work to do on that one but he did hold it in class that afternoon and got very good feedback. His mates did cop out, so he was the only one presenting.

Then I spent an hour on housework, dishes and laundry and such. And did a little cleaning. Since I never seem to get the cleaning done on Fridays these days I thought I’d try the „a little bit each day“-approach again. I need to really push myself to do it, though, because otherwise I end up with a really dirty house. (Who am I kidding, I alreay ended up with a really dirty house but I’m trying to remedy that.)

The days are always shorter than I would like, that’s for sure.

Since the muslin I’m working on is driving me crazy I decided to get a start on sewing new t-shirts by printing out the first page of each pattern. So I can measure the test squares and then print the patterns out and glue the pieces together. That always takes ages.

So today I want to run, do a little strength training, teach, practice, spin, crochet, read, write, and go to bed early.

Wish me luck.

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