Jan 272018

So that was not the best day ever. Not the worst either.

It was one of those days where I’m all anxious and down for no apparent reason. Complete with binge-eating almonds and cheese in the morning and eating way too much chocolate in the evening. I did stop after one beer even though I really, really wanted another one, and I’m counting that as a win.

Feeling like that, and all paralyzed made it somewhat hard to get everything done, of course, so I only did about half the cleaning. And as usual once I had forced myself to move the vacuum around the house and change my sheets I felt instantly better. I even knew this beforehand. I sat there munching away instead of tackling the dust bunnies and thought to myself, „Dear Susanne, you really should start the cleaning because that will make you feel so much better. Stuffing your face won’t.“ But I didn’t listen to myself. Yet again.

At least I did get the writing done, and I sent the podcast out, so there’s that. Without pictures because I actually forgot to take those. I hope to remember today or maybe tomorrow morning. Mornings are really the only time I can get somewhat decent pictures this time of year.

I did quite a bit of spinning on the burgundy merino, and am starting to enjoy spindle-spinning again. I try not to think about how much spinning I will still have to do before finishing this, I’ll just chip away ten minutes here and there until I’m finished.

In the meantime I started a few extra squares to add to my Sophie’s Universe crochet blanket, and the yarn for the boy’s crochet blanket finally arrived so I’ll work on that the next few months as well.

Today there will be running, and leftover lasagna for lunch, and then I’ll go to a writing meeting I’ve never been to before. I’m not quite sure if I want to take the bike or the train to that, we’ll see. Biking is usually way more fun. The paths are rather muddy but I can also just use the paved bike path next to the big street. It’s less nice but faster and way less muddy, of course. Or maybe I’ll take the scenic route on my way there and the less scenic one back when it’s starting to get dark. I’ve been meaning to get myself a stronger light on my bike for ages now because with the one I have it is really dangerous to ride after dark. I can be seen but I can’t really see anything.

And then I’ll spend a nice and cozy evening at home which is exactly how I like it.

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