Jan 252018

So yesterday I basically didn’t do anything apart from going to the doctor.

The appointment didn’t take long, we talked a bit about the thyroid check at the radiologist’s, she didn’t mention the sleep test at all, and then she said, „Well, the radiologist recommends you taking thyroid hormone but I don’t see it.”


„Because you lost so much weight.”

„Well, let me tell you something about my weight-loss: it took ages, and it was rather hard, and I have gained six kilos back in the past few months. It’s not like the weight just fell off, and while I know that I’m the only one who believes this, I still think that I’m hypothyroid.”

„Let’s try a very small dose of thyroid hormone, then, and come back for a blood test in six weeks.”

I could have hugged her. That was exactly the outcome I had been wishing for with all my might.

Mind you, I could be wrong about my thyroid but I do have loads of the usual symptoms, including fatigue, dry skin, thin hair, dry nails, a puffy face, low energy, low mood,and bad memory. My husband also keeps reminding me that I’ve been complaining about low energy for as long as he has known me.

So now this is rather exciting. Of course I googled how long it will take to show any results on the new medication. And I’m only taking a teensy tiny dose, half of what the radiologist recommended. My doctor is afraid of me getting hyperthyroid which is understandable because that’s more dangerous than being hypothyroid.

But just the thought of maybe not feeling under the weather and tired all the time? Not wishing for spending every day in bed from beginning to end? That really sounds wonderful.

So we’ll wait and see. Might take six weeks to see a difference. And the dose might not be enough.

The other hope is that taking the medication might shrink the thyroid nodules which would be excellent as well.

Interestingly that doctor’s appointment left me all emotional and drained, and so on my way home I bought a bag of chips and some chocolate, and decided to celebrate.

I spent the rest of the day just hanging around (and teaching, of course), not doing anything and stuffing myself. I even had a beer in the evening.

Today it is back to business, I hope to do some sort of exercise, my husband is planning to make lasagna which will take about an hour of my time, I want to make music, write, read a bit more of novel number one, teach, record the podcast, and finish the crochet blanket.


I’d love to do daily yoga but I have no idea where to shoehorn that into my days. At the moment even my normal exercise doesn’t happen. My excuse is that my leg still feels a little off, but I could go for walks instead, or do some strength training for arms and core.

I’m just so tired all the time.

But maybe I won’t be any more in a few weeks. That would be so cool.

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