Jan 222018

So yesterday I basically did nothing all day, as planned.

I felt pretty sick, either from too much drinking or from eating too much of the wrong food (probably a combination of both), and from lack of sleep. So I spent most of the day sitting in bed working on the crochet blanket, and painting my toenails, and reading, and talking to my husband about the concert.

We were talking a lot about striving for excellence, and about how when you’re up on stage you never play as well as you do when you practice, and I remembered the excellent „Bulletproof Musician“-blog that talks about these things a lot. I mean, I do know about how to practice and what to do, it just feels so uncomfortable and so much work. On the other hand I can either change things up or I can end up on stage forgetting lyrics and chords for the rest of my life. Totally my choice.

Now with the concert out of the way it is time to concentrate on my own stuff again. I want to finish the rough draft of the novel-in-progress until the end of the week, I want to read through the dreaded novel number one until the end of the month, and I really want to get the muslin of that dress I’ve been wanting to sew for several years now out of the way.

The week will be pretty busy as well, the chimney sweep is coming this morning, I have a doctor’s appointment because of my fatigue on Wednesday, I want to record a podcast on Thursday, and will try out a new group of writers that is meeting on Saturday.

With my leg better I also am thinking of taking up walking/running again. It’s white all over here today, so I’m not sure if I’ll just go for a walk later or if I will brave the woods and go my usual route. The only walking I did after hurting my leg was walking to and from the venue on Saturday, and that was fine.

At least I did get excellent, uninterrupted sleep last night. That really is one of the best things in the world.

I’m also only a few rounds away from finishing the crochet blanket, and have been making plans for another one, I even ordered the yarn. I’ll be making a simple ripple blanket in different shades of gray. It will be interesting to see how long it’ll take for my enthusiasm to wane on that one.

So it seems I have a nice string of projects lined up for the week. Now I just need to make progress on them.

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