Jan 192018

I had another rather slow day yesterday because of my leg but it’s doing better and better. Sitting in bed most of the morning just reading and crocheting and doing nothing did nothing for my mood yet again. Funny how much better I feel when I run around outside even if the weather is dreary.

But I will have to sit this out just a little longer, and so I will.

I made frozen pizza for lunch, and managed to write most of my words before teaching, that new student who kept coming way too early seems to have gotten the message this time, and showed up only five minutes early, and things went pretty smoothly.

In the evening my husband and I rehearsed for tomorrow’s concert, and we didn’t even fight or disagree or anything. I still can’t play the bridge of „Creep“ but it turns out that I can fake my way through it well enough so that’s good. Then I had one of those blackout moments where I couldn’t remember the third chord of the next song and got stuck. So I have now searched for the sheet music and put it in my concert folder.

Today I will write a list of things I need to remember for tomorrow, maybe clean a bit, write some, teach a lot and I’m hoping to watch some „Star Trek“ tonight with the boy. (Though he just made noises about having to finish his report for the science fair today, and maybe not having time. Well, I can watch something without him, no problem.)

No pizza today but just ordinary lunch in order to make things easier.

I’m still all tired all the way but am trying to not let that drag me down. Also to plan for times to sit around staring blankly into space every day. Better to plan for it if it will be happening anyways.

Oh, and I had this idea for a non-fiction book in German that would tie in with the teaching. I started outlining it yesterday, and am planning to both put it on the business blog in chapters, and to publish it. Eventually. I’m really excited.

And also I broke my promise to myself to not drink alcohol and eat sugar until I have lost those six kilos I packed back on last year. I’ve been doing moderately well, I did eat a ton of cheese and nuts but no sugar and no alcohol. Which was following the letter of the rule but not the spirit. So I already had my doubts about the whole thing because I started this to make me eat less not more. And I did lose 200 grams the past week. Um. Yeah?

But I’m starting to think that that’s a dumb rule if it makes me mainline cheese in the evenings, and so I’m reconsidering. I’ll be tweaking this on an ongoing basis, I think.

I don’t really feel like I failed because I made the rule to serve a purpose and it didn’t work so now I’ll try something new. And if that doesn’t work I’ll change it up again.

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