Jan 162018

So that was rather expected but I’m glad to know for sure.

Yesterday I actually went running at nine, something I never do, so that I could get my exercise in before going to the ENT. There I had to wait for half an hour (the doctor apologized, it was a Monday after all) and then the doctor told me that I don’t have sleep apnea, I’m not even snoring, everything is fine. He was rather puzzled why someone would order that kind of test for me, and I told him it was because I’m tired all the time. So he said, „Do you have any sleep problems?“ No, I don’t.

So we’re back to square one with a little more information than before. I made an appointment with the doctor I had seen first in November again, and am glad that I can see her next week already.

I’m still thinking that my hormones are wonky, be it thyroid or not, but we’ll see. Hopefully. I’d hate to come out of this with a diagnosis of „it’s all in your head, deal with it“.

Yesterday was a pretty good day where I did everything I wanted. I just skipped watching a video about writing a non-fiction book in 90 days and spinning because I was so tired in the evening that I just went to bed, and turned off the lights at nine.

So I woke up at around six this morning, well rested.

Today will be another busy day, there will be grocery shopping, and teaching, and we’ve ordered firewood that will be delivered some time this afternoon, and I will practice and write. I’m hoping that the wood delivery will arrive early in the afternoon before I have to teach. The boy has orders to come home quickly after school so that he can open the door and tell them where to put the wood. And then we will have to get the wood from in front of the garage to a safe place where it won’t be rained upon.

This is a good thing if a bit hectic today because we’re running out of wood already. And the warmth from the stove is just so much nicer than from central heating. Also doesn’t burn fossil fuel.

  2 Responses to “Daily Journal – Day 126: No sleep apnea”

  1. Ich hatte lange Zeit gelegentlich Schlafapnoe, habe es selbst im Halbschlaf gemerkt und mein Mann hat es auch beobachtet. Aber in der Nacht, als ich mit dem ganzen Zeug verkabelt war, hatte ich es halt gerade mal nicht. Der Arzt hat mich behandelt, als ob ich unverschämterweise seine Zeit verschwende…
    Was ich damit sagen will: Es ist eine Momentaufnahme. Sonst nichts. Es kann trotzdem sein, dass Du Schlafapnoe hast. Es kann aber natürlich auch an etwas anderem liegen. Ich hoffe, D findest die Ursache bald oder wenigstens, dass die Sache sich von selbst erledigt.

    • Die Vorstellung, dass ich Schlaf-Apnoe haben könnte, war sowohl für mich als auch für meinen Mann von vornherein absurd. Ich bin mit der gesamten Geschichte relativ vertraut, weil mein Vater darunter schon leidet, so lange ich denken kann.

      Der Test hat jetzt nur meine Einschätzung bestätigt.

      Im Prinzip hat die ganze Chose die Diagnose um sechs Wochen nach hinten geschoben, was etwas dumm ist.

      Ich glaube ja immer noch, dass das ganze hormonell bedingt ist, mal sehen.

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