Jan 092018

So that was a full day.

My husband and I talked for pretty long right after breakfast, and then we both went running, and then we had to hurry to get lunch ready in time because the boy is coming home earlier on Mondays (and has to get back to school on time). Then I got ready for teaching, and sang.

That idea that the quiet I seek won’t come from sitting around alone but instead from getting a grip on everything I want and need to do kept popping up in my head. While running I had this thought that I needed to use something like Trello or Asana, and so I set up a Trello board between students in the afternoon.

But about an hour in I found that that was just not working, and so I started researching ways to integrate an epic to do-list with the bullet journal. That one looks more promising but then I ran out of time.

I also played all the instruments. My husband put a different guitar in my room. The one I usually use has nylon strings and those are a little too soft for when I’m accompanying myself, and while my very favorite guitar is also his very favorite guitar, and he plays it a lot more often we decided to put the one that we both don’t like all that much in my studio instead of an electrical one that I don’t have a use for.

And I think I might have decided on a song to play for the birthday concert. Which means practicing like crazy because I can’t really play it yet but I’m looking forward to it. (And I just realized that I should learn it by heart because I’m planning on wearing my contacts which means I can’t read anything at all. Oops. And I will have to practice at least once while wearing the clothes I’m planning to wear to make sure that nothing interferes with ukulele playing. Yesterday the ukulele kept slipping off my sweater and the wide sleeves got caught while playing.

The boy has started installing software on his new computer so things are looking good.

I only wrote 662 words just before going to bed, and I actually forgot about three other things that I had on my list of things to do for yesterday but I guess that’s alright.

Today I will go grocery shopping. I’ll be trying a different supermarket because the one I usually go to will be closing down in less than two weeks, and so there are a lot of things missing there already. The building is supposed to be torn down and rebuilt.

The other supermarket is farther away and I will probably use the bike to get there.

Then I will practice and continue my productivity research, and teach and do strength training. I hope. The boy and I have been skipping that a lot lately.

I don’t think I will sew today, don’t see that there’s time, but if my new ukulele strings arrive (as they should) I might restring a ukulele or two.

And no, I don’t have any idea why gettings things done is so much easier when I’m teaching either.

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