Jan 082018

I don’t really know why yesterday went off the rails but off the rails it went.

I did write 1,151 words so that’s good.

My husband has started planning the house concert for his birthday in two weeks, and I was somewhat involved with that. Not enough, though, or so he tells me. He still has to send out invitations but we did talk about the music, and the food. („We can do some easy finger food and dips, that we can prepare two days in advance!“ „No we can’t because there are no plates and silverware in the room we’re using, and we won’t have time for cooking two days before. Or one day before. Or on the day.“)

It was decided that I will play one of the songs I already know on my own, and will learn how to play „Norwegian Wood“ on my ukulele. The good thing is that the problem I’m having with my ukulele sound might be due to the strings I’m using, and so I will try out new strings. I already ordered them. Ha.

The boy managed to build his computer up to the point where he can start installing the OS and the drivers. Which meant I got to help him on and off yesterday as well. At least he has solved the problem with the overheating processor.

It seems that a lot of the family happiness hinges on me being available for everybody else, and I spent the evening thinking about why I always feel like I never get to spend any time alone when in fact I have several hours on my own every single day. And then I remembered that when I went to London alone for a few days I still didn’t feel that I needed to see people.

So now I’m dreaming of a two week writing retreat. Of course.

I am having high hopes for this week, school and teaching is starting again so my days will have more structure and routine to them. Still, they will be rather full.

I feel like I didn’t write enough over Christmas break – which is true – but then my resolve to write at least 500 words a day is going strong, and I did 782 words on average last week. Every single day. Plus the blogging which is something between 300 and 700 words a day on top of that.

Still. I am feeling the need for a huge whiteboard and stacks of post-its and some ginormous master plan but I might have to make do with my bullet journal. There are a ton of things that are falling through the cracks each day, and that is not a good feeling.

Well, at least I did research ukuelel strings yesterday and recipes for salty baked things that you can eat with your fingers for next Saturday’s spinning meeting. That’s at least something.

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