Jan 022018

Yesterday was a medium productive day. I’m starting to think that I need to adjust my writing goals because I never reach them. So I decided to write 500 words a day every day in January. I can write more but I don’t have to. Since that takes me about fifteen minutes it should be doable. But then I always say that. We’ll see.

Last night I decided that I wanted sleep more than writing and turned the lights off at nine. I slept like a log until my alarm went off at 6.30. It was glorious.

Today there will be a lot of grocery shopping (I even went out for milk before breakfast), and some strength training (it’ll be interesting to see what will prevent us from doing that today), and a bit of writing, and practice and such, and maybe a little sewing as well. But then I’ve been saying that for weeks now and there hasn’t been any. Funny, how the sewing machine never unpacks itself.

I’d think that if I only had a dedicated place for sewing, things would be much better but I know that’s not true. You know how people always tell you to do things like put on your workout clothes first thing in the morning to make it easier to exercise? Every single time I do that I end up not exercising. My husband and I have found the same to be true when teaching. Every single time you prepare for a lesson in some special way and set everything up just so the student will cancel.

One explanation for the workout clothes thing might be that my unconscious thinks that wearing the clothes was already enough. Like when you visualize an achievement like how you will be feeling after finishing your novel your mind will go all, „Oh, good, we’ve done that already.“ Which is why you should visualize how you do something, and how you deal with obstacles and unexpected things.

As you can tell I’m all about planning and thinking and goal-setting these days.

All while feeling like I’d rather crawl back into bed. This fatigue is driving me a bit nuts I have to say.

Thirteen days until the next doctor’s appointment.

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