Dec 252017

Yesterday might have the least stressful Christmas in many years. Which doesn’t meant that it wasn’t stressfull at all, there was a point when cooking dinner and getting ready where my husband and I both snapped at each other. We immediately realized what was going on and stopped, so that was okay.

I spent a rather lazy morning crocheting, talking to my husband and reading about writing. We had leftovers for lunch, and then I sat down to spin the last advent calendar fiber.

IMG 1066

Leftover pasta with leftover sauce with leftover champagne

IMG 1067

All the advent calendar fiber spun up.

Afterwards I started plying it right away which was a bit of a mistake. I don’t really believe in letting spun singles rest for ages before plying but trying to chain-ply very fine high-twist singles that have barely been spun might lead to a tangle or too. Also I found that I still need a lot of practice with the chain-ply, and I had the singles break a lot. This will not be the orettiest yarn. I do love th colors, though, and am hoping that the plying will go smoother today. So far I’ve plied about half of the first bobbin.

While spinning I watched videos, I finished the one about carving out time for writing, and watched other how tos including a spinning video by Sarah Anderson. Since I’m not used to this kind of plying I didn’t look up to actually watch the video at all. I might have to watch it again when I’m doing something that needs less focus.

I was highly motivated to write yesterday but in the end I didn’t which means I’m falling short on my 5,000 word-goal by 1,500 words. Unless I’ll write them this morning. Which would be a good thing anyway, challenge or not. (I said I would write 5,000 words last week but I didn’t.)

I’m not quite sure why I am not writing, I am motivated like crazy, I have enough time, I love the story I’m writing, no idea what I’m afriad of. Maybe of finishing and having to show this to someone. It’s a bit absurd, itsn’t it? But I haven’t shown any of my fiction to anyone ever since the demise of my writing group in 2011 or so. I really should change that.

Christmas dinner with my mother-in-law was both nice and somewhat tense. It is astounding how nervous she is, even when with family. And the boy was really excited. Of course. And my husband just wanted the day to be like any other regular day.

IMG 1069

Christmas dinner

The food was really good, and we all had Christmas cookies afterwards, and chocolate, and then I wanted to watch something on DVD but in the end I just read in my new book about drawing (Amazon Affiliate-Link). My sister gave it to me for Christmas, and I’m loving it. She wrote a note saying, „A method like this has really helped me but I’m not sure if you’ll actually use the book.“ Which is just fair, I have a huge pile of books about drawing and I have vowed to learn how to do it many times but so far I haven’t.

Of course now I’m all „Challenge accepted!”

My next thought was something along the lines of, „I should do a drawing a day and post it on the blog.“ I don’t think I will do that, though. But I’ll try to find a time of day where I can put some doodling in at least. Five minutes a day or so. I’ll pile it on all the things I’m doing daily anyway. Plus I will start writing for at least an hour a day. That will be fun!

I might have to reduce my internet time somewhat, though…

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