Dec 132017

Just another day as usual. And as usual these days I did not do strength training. I had told the boy to be downstairs at 6.15, and when he wasn’t there at 6.30 I sent him a message, waited some more, did ten pushups leaned to my desk and decided to have dinner.

This is something I really need to change. We used to be pretty good about our three sessions of bodyweight exercises per week but since we change the schedule it is barely ever happening. I keep forgetting on Sundays, and it is pretty hard on Thursdays because I go running on those days in the morning, and all in all I need to get back to it for real.

Apart from the writing in the morning I did not write any more the rest of the day. As usual it just got away from me. I did go to the bakery, and health food store, and the supermarket, and I did practice my music, and did the dishes on time, and made two phone calls. One for a hairdresser appointment which will be on Monday, and the other one to make a hotel reservation for August.

Now that one was a little funny. We have this family reunion every other year. It’s all about my father’s mother’s family. My great-grandparents had lots of children, and they had lots of children as well, and so at one point my father started organizing these reunions. One time there were seventy of us there. I really like seeing the people, and I usually get to go places that I’ve never been to.

When I was a child we mostly traveled to warm places with beaches, and when I was a young adult I mostly didn’t travel at all for lack of funds, and since it was really hard to see Eastern Germany for many years I still haven’t seen much of it. So that’s pretty interesting too.

And this time will be extra special because we’ll be meeting in the family’s home town. Which is rather small and only has the one hotel.

Now I got an email from the guy who organizes the reunions these days the day before yesterday, telling everyone about the date and the hotel, and such. It said that one had to make reservations by phone (something I don’t really like), and that there were only two single bedrooms in the hotel. (There are forty doubles if I recall correctly but I’m not keen on sharing a room with someone I barely know, and the boy won’t be coming with me this time.)

So I looked up trains, found that there is no way to get to the train station on a Sunday because the buses don’t run, and called for a hotel reservation from Friday to Monday on the end of August.

Well, the hotel owner was very surprised that I was calling her now about August. I had called her, didn’t reach her, left a message on her voice mail telling her that I’d be sending an email, sent an email, and when she called me back she said she’s answer my email.

So I’m guessing that one of the two single bedrooms should be mine.

The rest of the day was rather uneventful. Sitting and watching ‚Firefly‘ while spinning my advent calendar fiber is becoming a nice new habit, and I even manged to go to bed on time as well. That has been going a little better.

Today I will go running, and teach quite a few students, and do the usual things, I hope. I am even thinking about some sewing, or maby ironing but that’s probably too much to hope for.


  2 Responses to “Daily Journal – Day 92”

  1. Hier auch kein Training, erst viel vor, dann krank – und der Husten hält sich. Und ansonsten kriege ich nichts gebacken. Aber bald wird es wieder heller! (hier Bürojob = praktisch kein Tageslicht mehr)
    Will sagen, vermutlich klappt es im Januar wieder besser. Alles.

    • Klar, im Januar ändert sich alles komplett. Nur weil ein neues Jahr anfängt…

      Das mit dem Laufen kriege ich glücklicherweise hin und seit neuestem haben mein Mann und ich da auch einen recht ähnlichen Rhythmus, das hilft. (Er geht Montag, Mittwoch, Freitag und Samstag und ich Montag, Mittwoch, Donnerstag und Samstag.)

      Mit Husten trainieren ist aber auch nicht gut.

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