Dec 122017

Rather uneventful day yesterday. I was happy with it though I had hoped for a little more productivity. But I finished the last pair of leggings! This is huge. Those things had plagued me for a whole year. But now they’re done. Ha!

In the morning I helped my mother-in-law get back home from her coloscopy. Things like these have become a little harder since we don’t have a car anymore. But it’s only about 500 meters to the doctor, and she was well enough to walk, she just wanted someone to lean on because it was a littly slippery in places.

Then I went running, and it was icy in the woods as well which meant that I walked more than I ran. But I was outside and exercising. We had rice and dal  for lunch, and then I put the elastic into the last pair of leggings, and practiced, and taught a few students, and then we had dinner, and then I sat down to spin my advent calendar fiber because the boy had said he wanted to take a shower, and doing the dishes while someone is taking a shower is just cruel.

When I came back from spinning he was just about to get undressed for his shower. Which threw my whole evening off.

The dishes are still sitting there in the sink as I type this the morning after.

I made a valiant attempt at writing after that but only got 330 words. Slept well.

Woke up half an hour before the alarm, and for once got my act together and wrote for 23 minutes. Phew.

Today I will buy all the groceries, and bread, and maybe go to the post office, and then teach a few students and do strength training. And spin and write some more. I am really looking forward to all of it.

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