Dec 102017

So yesterday was a typical Saturday in that I wanted to do loads of things but ended up doing mostly nothing. That was nice, though. I did run but only a short 5K, I did make music and did some other things but there was no writing (yet again, this is becoming a habit; a bad one), but at least I went to bed on time.

In the morning I spent some time helping the boy get ready for an outing to go rock climbing indoors. It was his first time ever going into Munich and beyond on his own, first time changing to the subway, and his first climbing outing. He did enjoy it, though he didn’t want to go at first.

Then there still is the problem with the Windows partition on his computer. I had to help him find a backup disk with enough free space, and then he had to get a new copy of Windows 10, and there were all kinds of problems as there usually are with computers. In the process he managed to push the USB-socket of one of our backups hard drives into its case so that we can’t access the hard drive. Of course that case is not closed with screws. So far I haven’t been able to find out how to crack it. We might have to destroy the case, and I hope we can do it without destroying the hard drive. Fun!

I don’t think it’s his fault, could have happened to any of us.

Now. Today there will be writing (yes, for real), and music, and sewing, and strength training, and all kinds of things.

I hope.

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