Dec 072017

It was a good day, and I even managed to reconnect with the novel-in-progress. Didn’t actually write but read through some scenes, and thought about setting and character names. It’s a start.

The advent calendar spinning continues. It’s interesting, every time I set myself a challenge like that I follow through. When I challenge myself to not snack after dinner, though, I mostly don’t. Well, I succeeded with that two days in a row but not last night. And what do I learn from that? Don’t sit at the kitchen table reading after dinner because if you do you inevitably will eat something.

It’s interesting because I thought my husband had this iron self-control around food but then he told me that when I’m not home in the evenings it’s much harder for him not to snack after dinner. Usually when I’m home in the evenings I’m somewhere near the kitchen and he is in his studio. Not that I would judge him for getting food or drink at that time but for him just knowing that I would notice him coming in seems to be enough. It does work the other way around as well, that’s why the chocolate is stored in the annex, and not in the kitchen anymore. Still.

I did not overeat a lot, and I did not have a beer so that’s good. Baby steps.

My sleep tracker tells me I haven’t been getting a lot of deep sleep lately. And that’s exactly how I feel. Funny enough I seem to have gotten more deep sleep during those weeks when I had a beer or two every night. Which is weird because science tells us that alcohol disturbs deep sleep in the early mornings. I will look into that further but I don’t think drinking alcohol daily would be a good idea regardless. I am somewhat curious about my sleep test which will be next week.

Today I will run again, teach some students including a new one, write a lot (I hope), spin my 5 grams of fiber, crochet a bit, talk with my husband, and go to bed on time. Which is my huge life goal at the moment. Getting enough sleep.

I know, that’s not what I would have thought I’d aspire to when grown up either.

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