Dec 022017

Well, I made the mistake of trying to finish reading a book at night before turning the lights out which resulted in me not getting enough sleep. I also didn’t finish the book.

So that resulted in me being slow and sluggish and feeling a little down all day. One of these days I’ll learn.

Still, I did the usual weekly cleaning, no mopping, though, helped my husband make pizza, we talked a lot about what is strssing us, and what we can change to make that better, I taught some students, practiced a little, and recorded the podcast episode.

The boy and I watched some more Star Trek TNG, and it’s getting better and better.

Then I went to bed too late again.

Today there will be a long run, maybe a pedicure, not sure yet, the baking of the Nusszopf, the cutting of the boy’s hair, the publishing of the podcast episode, and some music. Also the spinning of the fiber advent calendar. I’m giddy with joy because I have it. It’s a bit silly.

And tomorrow there will be the big Saint Nicolas spinning meeting to go to which will take most of the day. Also something to look forward to.

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