Nov 302017

And we like regular days around here.

I am apparently still in recuperation mode from the writing madness of last weekend and the general madness that was November. So yesterday I actually dealt with all the laundry, and ran, and taught quite a few students, and went to bed on time and slept like a log for more than eight hours. Whew.

Today brings more of the same, I hope, another run, shower, eating this year’s kale for lunch, recording a podcast episode, teaching very few students, including meeting a potential new student, then strength training I hope (we’re a bit out of the habit, and doing strength training at 6.30 when we’re really hungry and tired on a day when I was already out running is always a bit tricky – so far we managed it once since September), and early to bed.

I have been wanting to write about energy management for quite some time now but not today.

I hope to get back to writing the novel-in-progress tomorrow or so.

I am really looking forward to my fiber advent-calendar this year. It’s the first time I got one.

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