Nov 252017

Yesterday I managed to do everything I wanted to. For once. I started writing in the morning, after breakfast, I cleaned the house, I made pizza using a new dough recipe (not quite sure on that one, will experiment further), I even did the dishes before teaching which I often don’t manage on Fridays.

I wrote some more between students so that I got my 2,000 words in before dinner, then I made pancake soup while hanging up laundry with the boy’s help, we watched Star Trek TNG and „How I Met Your Mother“, then I wrote some more, and only went to bed a little late.

The plan for today is to write like the wind, and spend the morning running 11 kilometers. Since I haven’t run a lot these past weeks I feel like I can’t really do that, and I also am thinking that after the run I might be so exhausted that I can’t write anymore but that’s just silly. I was fine doing my long runs in the past, and while I might not reach 10,000 words today I will certainly come close.

Seems I do love a challenge. Huh.

And I keep thinking how cool it would be to reach the 50,000 words by tomorrow.

I am at 31,939 at the moment, by the way.

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