Nov 212017

Yesterday was particularly busy with more students than usual on a Monday. I also tried writing every minute I got which lead to 931 words throughout the day, and a total of 1,503. Which is somewhat disappointing.

I even started writing in the morning. And I almost didn’t go for a run because of it. I was still at home when my husband came back from his run, and then he said I really should go even if it meant having lunch a little late.

So I went running, and I loved it even though it was pretty cold and muddy ouside. I should show you a picture of my running shoes, they look completely ridiculous, covered in mud over and over.

I managed to take a quick shower before teaching, and only had a short break between students in the afternoon. That I spent writing again.

I had an early dinner all alone because my husband wasn’t done teaching yet, and the boy had dinner at his grandmother’s, then I did all the dishes (no time for that after lunch), got myself into pajamas so that I wouldn’t eat or drink anymore that day (and also because I had been falling asleep while typing the days before, and waking up with a crick in your neck, and then having to still brush your teeth at 11 is no fun).

It was early and I thought I could still write about 2,000 words but I was almost asleep again by 8.45 so I decided to call it a day and go to bed properly.

I have slept very well, and woke up at 5. Since I am still wanting to reach my November writing goal (I’m not quite sure how but I’ll try.) I then started writing a bit.

I think I’ll have a little more time today than I had yesterday.

There will be grocery shopping, and errands, and a post office run (probably), and more writing. I hope.

This has been an unusually full November so far. And the whole „falling asleep at 8.30 each night“-thing isn’t actually helping.

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