Oct 262017

Phew. I might have to take things slow today because yesterday was certainly pretty full.

I did manage to get the birthday present for my mother all done, wrapped up, and in the mail. That was my main task for the morning, and I found that I had to skip my run in order to achieve it. Boo for skipping the run but at least I walked a few thousand steps to the post office. Of course the boy did not manage to finish the birthday card in time, so I sent the whole thing off without it.

The CD with the songs I recorded is now done. Which makes me feel a lot lighter. It is nowhere near perfect, and even the cover is only soso, but I decided that done is better than perfect, and now that thing is no longer haunting me. Chances are that it will arrive in time even. Also I realized that giving my mother a CD is a bit problematic because my parents’ stereo is not working. But then I had the idea of sending her the songs as MP3s to her phone on her actual birthday. I hope she can get her phone to play them but then we’ll worry about that later.

In good news she will be getting household help three times a week through her health insurance. Her doctor’s office was immediately on it when it became clear that she had to leave the hospital. And they got her all stocked up on medication and everything. And her sisters are helping around the house, and cooking meals.

Yesterday after lunch I had a little time to practice, and to try my new ukulele out properly. It’s really, really nice. I have to get used to it being so thin but I love it.

I also spent a little time carding some more merino so I have something to spin on Saturday’s spinning meeting.

And then I taught some students, and then I rode my bike to a parents meeting. I had wanted to ride through the woods but the light on my bike is too feeble for that. It is starting to get really dark already in the evenings. So I had to ride along the big street but that’s alright as well, there’s a bike path all the way to Munich, and so one can mostly just ride along.

The evening was nice, good pizza, tolerable alcoholfree beer, and great company. My one problem with evenings like this is just that every single person I meet stays with me for weeks or months, and I wonder about them, and their children, and how they are, and keep thinking about them all the time, and then I think a lot about my own son and me, and how things are going for us, and if there’s something we should be doing different. Of course, every single time I end up deciding that no, things are fine as they are, no need to change anything.

I also end up really grateful every time for having a son who doesn’t really have problems in school. Not with schoolwork and grades (he does complain a lot and is doing the least work he can get away with but is doing okay) and not with other students (he does wish he had more friends, and would like to find people more interested in gaming and D&D but that’s all).

Of course I went to bed way too late, as expected, but my little sleep tracker tells me I got 3 1/2 hours of deep sleep regardless, so everything’s fine, apparently.

Two more days until fall break, and a little less than six until NaNoWriMo. Very exciting.

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