Oct 252017

So yesterday was a pretty good day all in all. I did indeed go grocery shopping, and I managed to mix the songs for my mother’s birthday present (not very well but I have declared them good enough), i did outsource the CD-cover design to the boy who promptly forgot all about it, and so we’ll be doing everything at the very last minute yet again.

Family drama with my parents was dramatic. And as an indirect result of that I managed to forget to put the egg cartons and money outside in time for the farmer who brings us eggs every week, and then I managed to forget to buy some while in the grocery store, and my husband couldn’t call me to remind me because I haven’t programed any numbers into the new landline phone. He now owns a piece of paper with my cell phone number. (My husband shuns all phones, and does not want a cell phone of his own. Since he rarely leaves the house he also doesn’t really need one but then neither do I, even if I find it convenient at times.)

So we might have to go to the supermarket again another time this week to buy eggs. The horror!

And then my new ukulele arrived! And it is so cute! And sounds really great! And I love it! But I haven’t had time to actually play it properly yet.

IMG 0955

And I have two new students starting after fall break, and one of them even bought my old soprano ukulele. So I ended up with the exact same number of ukuleles at the end of the day.

You might ask why one needs more than one ukulele. Well. Different ukuleles fulfill different needs. I have a really nice concerto that sounds great which is my main ukulele. My husband gave it to me after it was clear that I would continue playing ukulele for the foreseeable future, and that I was somewhat serious about this. And I had the cheap one that I bought first to try out, and that’s the one I usually have been taking with me when traveling. And then I bought a tenor ukulele which is bigger, and has a low G-string (not what you’re thinking right now) that sounds better when you’re playing jazz chords. Which is a big project I haven’t even started yet, I want to learn how to accompany myself on the ukulele for the kind of jazz I used to sing in my twenties.

And since the cheap plastic ukulele wasn’t really all that much fun to play I have been wanting a nice soprano for ages. I like to have one ukulele living in the studio for when I teach, and another one living in the kitchen (or better the living room once we will have a living room again) for playing in the evenings. And so a nice ukulele that’s not too expensive but that’s small and lightweight does fit the bill. This one is much thinner than a normal ukulele but the sound is really nice regardless. That small instrument fills my heart with joy.

So today I will finish the birthday present for my mother, teach a bit, run a bit, and in the evening I’ll go out and meet a bunch of other parents for drinks and pizza. And no, I’m still not drinking, though I’m starting to think I’ll stop at the three week mark. I can’t see a difference in my sleeping without drinking.

I can say that I probably won’t get enough sleep next night, though, I tend to stay up late on occasions like these, and after coming home I need an hour or so until I feel I can go to bed, and that usually leads to me going to bed way too late.

And maybe, just maybe, there will be time somewhere in between to play the new ukulele after all.

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