Oct 242017


Of course I had to go and ruin my streak of good sleep last night.

I had a good day, rather busy as I said, and in the evening, after dinner I sat down to listen to all the tracks I had recorded the day before so I could choose the ones I’ll use. That took me two hours from eight to ten.

IMG 0953

Why yes, I do my sound-engineering at the kitchen table, just like everything else. And that is an alcohol-free beer, I’m still not drinking any alcohol but am sorely tempted to stop after three weeks total. And here is how neat my notes look:

IMG 0954

My husband says my handwriting is completely illegible, and he might have a point. At least I know what I mean. And I changed fountain pens because the one with the purple ink (Kaweco Sport) was just refilled, and there was too much ink flowing for my taste at that moment, and the Waterman Audace (with the turquoise ink) suited me better. And I still like using a pencil.

And then I gave in to the desire to watch the Craftsy class I bought about bra-making. I really like the class, and am watching it with delight. I also started researching where to buy fabric and such. There’s a shop in Sweden that sells kits specifically for the class, and there’s a shop in Germany that looks very good as well. Of coruse I don’t really have time for such things at the moment, and there is the pile of unfinished sewing projects on the dresser that neesd to be dealt with before I can start a new project in good conscience.


I spent some more time watching the instructor slowly sewing the parts of the bra together, and was perfectly happy. And that’s me we’re talking about, the woman who really dislikes watching videos, even instructional ones.

On the downside I only got to bed after eleven, and as happens always I woke up at 5.15, and am a little tired today. Who would have thought? (Well, everybody because that’s what always happens.)

Today I need to mix the songs for the birthday present for my mother, or ask my husband to do it for me, then I need to slap a CD cover together, burn the CD and send it off on Thursday at the latest. That will be interesting.

Oh, and the other thing that happened yesterday was that my mother has been sent home from the hospital. Rather unexpectedly. They needed the bed.

Nobody quite knows how she will deal at home with only my father for help, and I have to say I’m a little worried. But then she has her sisters nearby, and a neighbor who will come over so she’ll probably be okay. If I lived nearer, and wasn’t self-employed I’d pop over to help for a bit but that is not an option right now. And I can’t put my life on hold for the next few weeks anyways.

My mother-in-law called from the hospital yesterday, and said she is feeling well, she had a ton of tests done, and she’ll call if she knows anything. So that sounds good.

So yeah, quite a few things going on at the moment. I also had three potential new students call which is a very good thing. I’m seeing two of them (they want to take lessons together) today. Cross your fingers, please.

Oh, and the new laptop battery and the new ukulele are supposed to arrive today as well!

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  1. Lustigerweise habe ich gerade auf deine Handschrift geschaut und gedacht, dass du doch selbst dann, wenn du kritzelst, überraschend lesbar schreibst. 😀

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