Oct 212017

Yay, I actually managed to sleep in! Until eight o’clock!

Last night’s concert was great but I’m no longer suited to going out, I actually dozed off towards the end. Ahem. My usual bedtime doesn’t mesh with things like concerts. At least my husband was nice enough to prod me before I started snoring.

Yesterday was pretty good, even though I didn’t actually do anything on the novel. I did think about the characters and scenes for the next one I want to write, so that’s good, and I managed to clean the house (well, parts of it) for the first time in weeks. Phew.

Now I’m really looking forward to the weekend.

Today I have planned to run 10K (not quite sure if my inertia will allow me to do so), and to record the songs for my mother’s birthday present (of course I’m a little sniffly with a slightly sore throat, figures). I will also have to squeeze a grocery run in there somewhere.

Speaking of mothers, while my mother is still in the hospital recuperating my mother-in-law actually fell down yesterday morning as well. Fortunately she didn’t break anything but she did go to the doctor because she was concerned, and so she will go to the hospital on Monday to get checked out. Fun times.

This is one of the few occasions where we wish we had a car so we could drive her but then she will just take a taxi. Which is more convenient and cheaper in the long run anyways. It’s just that my husband and I felt that we should drive her.

At times like these I’m very happy that she lives upstairs, so we can check in on her several times a day.

So today will be rather busy, I guess, we’ll see how that goes.

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  1. Ich wünsche deiner Schwiegermutter gute Besserung und dass der Sturz keine ernsthafteren Folgen hat.
    Dieser Oktober ist anscheinend kein guter Monat, um alt zu sein …

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