Oct 162017

No, really, nothing. I spent all day yesterday sitting around, reading and knitting and crocheting and faffing around on the internet.

Now you’d think that would be totally relaxing, and I guess it was, but in the end I realized that that kind of day doesn’t do me any good. Unless I’m sick or something. I was in a bad mood most of the day, and ate way too much chocolate. By dinnterime I was snapping at everyone around me.

So I need to remind myself for next time that I don’t actually enjoy days where I don’t do anything.

Fortunately there is lots to do today, and I’m already feeling a little better even though I woke up too early yet again. Not drinking alcohol doesn’t seem to make a difference in regards to sleep. I do feel a little better, though. It’s only been a week so far but it’s clear that drinking less does me good. Which is not that unexpected.

Today I will run and teach and practice, and help cooking, and deal with laundry, and do stupid small things that need to be done, and hopefully go to bed early again.

The weather is still gorgeous, and I’m really looking forward to running.

Much better than sitting around all day.

And I would never have thought that I would be the one saying that. When I was in my twenties my idea of the ideal weekend was staying in bed reading, only to get up to buy cake in the afternoon.

Yeah, people actually do change occasionally.

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