Oct 122017

Yesterday was a full day, I was not lazy and still didn’t manage everything I wanted to. Which is alright. I even went to bed early and slept a little more than eight hours. Bliss!

I did print the revised novel two out and the rough draft of novel three (which still lacks an ending, I know what will happen, I just couldn’t bring myself to write it). They make nice satisfying piles of paper on my desk. Novel two is still too short but I’m thinking maybe I should trust my former self about the first version not being good enough. I’ll reread both, though. I only have no idea when I should do that.

Time is really my biggest problem. Doing more of everything is working in a way but doing more of everything while getting enough sleep, and exercise, and keeping the house in a semblance of order – tough. (And no, hiring a cleaner is not an option. First, cleaners cost money that I don’t want to spend, and second, a cleaner won’t do my dishes or laundry or tidy the house. Actual cleaning costs me between one and two hours a week, and that should be easily found if I stop spending so much time online.)

Which is a challenge I’ve been thinking about for a while now, going offline – or mostly offline – for some time. I’m too chicken to do it at the moment, though.

Not drinking alcohol is going well, and last night I didn’t even binge on food. Yeah me! At the moment I don’t even have cravings for beer much but I’m sure that will change once I’m sitting in front of TV on Friday night because that’s traditionally accompanied by the first beer of the weekend. Well, I’ll just substitute an alcohol-free beer instead.

We won’t go to the Greek restaurant soon, though, because they whip out the ouzo even before you’ve properly entered the premises, and a bike tour to a beergarde on Sunday is out for similar reasons. So we’ll go and have Chinese for lunch tomorrow, less temptations.

Today there will be another 5K run, quite a bit of teaching, and then I hope to finally get started on my mother’s birthday present. I’m so behind, it’s not funny anymore. Somewhere in between I will have to find time to clean parts of the house, and maybe change the sheets. Also do fifteen minutes of strength training, and continue my „going to bed early“-streak.

This will be really exciting for sure! Stay tuned!

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