Oct 042017

So yesterday I basically spent all day doing absolutely nothing. I did have a headache, and felt nauseous so maybe I was having a low-grade infection (and I did feel a little under the weather the days before as well) which meant I allowed myself a complete day off.

Which always feels bad in the end. Like sitting around all day waiting for the day to be over.

At least I went to bed at a somewhat reasonable time. Of course that meant I woke up at 5.22 this morning. One of these days I will get enough sleep but not last night. Though one could argue that if I wake up without an alarm I should be well-rested. Funny enough I’m not. I’m shuffling around all day, every day, yawning all afternoon, my brain foggy, and my energy low. Since I stopped taking my anti-histamines weeks ago they are clearly not the reason for this.

I’m waffling if this is worrying enough to see a doctor but every time I think that I also think I should try getting enough sleep for several days in a row first.

I started reading „Why We Sleep“ yesterday. Really excellent book, also pretty scary. The things that happen to you when you don’t get enough sleep, even just an hour less than you need. The author describes all kinds of experiments where healthy, young people were made to sleep for only four or five hours for a few nights, and then their immune system got compromised, they became pre-diabetic, their arteries calcified, and their focus and memory went down the drain. Terrible.

I know that I’m going on and on about the importance of sleep (and I’m rather desperate because I find it so hard to get enough quality sleep these days), and I meet loads of people who tell me they only get five or six hours a night but that they’re totally fine.

Well. They’re not. They do feel fine. They get used to not functioning well. But they don’t realize that they are taking years off their lifespan, and are ruining their health. Makes me shudder just to think about it.

Tonight I will go to bed too late for sure because I am supposed to attend parents’ night at my son’s school. First we get to be told what awaits our kids this year, and then we go to the classrooms to meet some of their teachers. And we elect a parents’ representative and such. I really hope this won’t go on for too long.

Then usually when I come home from things like this I need about an hour or so to calm back down. So that will be fun.

If I were sensible I’d just take a hot bath immediately after coming home but since I’m not (and the bathtub is filthy) I’ll probably rant to my poor husband for an hour before reading to quiet my mind.


  2 Responses to “Daily Journaling Experiment – Day 23: Lost Day”

  1. Hast Du mal einen Vitaminstatus machen lassen? Wenn Du trotz “ausreichend” Schlaf, noch immer kaputt und müde bist, könnte das auch auf einen Vitaminmangel hindeuten oder das Deine Schilddrüse nicht so ganz richtig läuft.

    • Daran hatte ich auch schon gedacht. Meine Schilddrüse sollte in Ordnung sein, die wird immer mal wieder untersucht (also die Hormonwerte).

      Jedes Mal, wenn ich darüber nachdenke, denke ich ich muss erst mal genau wissen, ob ich genug schlafe. Und dann komme ich nicht weiter, weil ich natürlich jede Woche wieder Tage habe, an denen ich zu spät ins Bett gehe oder so.

      Ich denke, ich sollte tatsächlich ein Schlaftagebuch führen und eine Weile den Alkohol ganz weglassen, dann müsste sich das mal klären lassen und wenn ich dann noch permanent müde bin, gehe ich mal zum Arzt.

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