Sep 272017

Wasn’t as long a day as it felt, though.

I walked to the music store as planned. Usually I take my bike there but this time I wanted to get some more steps in. With me scaling my running down I’d like to make up for it. I had a nice chat with the music store owner as usual.

We had rice and dal  for lunch. I didn’t help making it at all.

Then I did something I never do, I worked on the novel again after lunch. Teaching only started at four so I had quite some time. What I usually do in these situations is I plan to be all productive after lunch but then I start by taking a break, and then I go online, and then I hardly manage to squeeze a little practice in before I need to teach but yesterday I was on a roll, and did some actual work.

Then one of my students didn’t come so the hard day of teaching became a light day of teaching.

And then the boy and I did 14 minutes of strength training which doesn’t sound like much but was pretty hard. I’m having sore muscles as I type but not as sore as the first time I did this. Seems that something is changing. Maybe I will get fitter eventually.

Today I will need to do all the housework I didn’t do the last two days, run (and I’m still not sure if I should do an easy run or a hard one), and teach.

That’s what you get from daily blogging. The big question for today is a) will I run for 30 minutes or for 76? and b) will I manage to clean mirrors, dust, and empty all the wastepaper baskets with bonus points for vacuuming.


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