Sep 132017

So yesterday went rather well. Even though I was real overtired. Staying up late is definitely a bad thing.

But the best thing was that I actually managed to work on that novel for an hour after breakfast, and I finished the next step of revision!!! So now I only need to type all the changes in (and yes, I’m feeling I can easily do that in an hour or two, yes, I’m delusional), and then I’ll be done with it. Except for another read-through.

I’ll start doing that today, and I will run all.the.errands and buy all.the.groceries. And teach, of course.

Yesterday was also a day that showed me how things usually get derailed around here. I was a little behind after lunch already, and then my husband needed help with printing something out (I know), and then the printer acted up, and there went another hour. And the boy came home from his first day of school and wanted to talk about it and about the teachers he’s going to have this year. Which is just how life goes. Which means I always need to leave a buffer somewhere because otherwise I’m screwed.

I got a little more sleep last night so I’m not feeling quite as zombiefied which is good, and if everything goes well I will even paint my toenails.

Exciting times.

But first meditation and type-in.

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