May 152014

I am painfully aware that I’ve been neglecting this blog (and the podcast) for weeks now. Sorry.
At first I thought it was writer’s block but I wasn’t sure. Then I realized that that was not the point, I just had less time than before.
Since February I’ve been back to exercising again. I started doing ten minutes most days, so that wasn’t a problem, and then I went on to doing 45 minutes six times a week, and while that is not a problem per se it takes quite a chunk of time out of my day.
I also finally managed to do my share of housework again. Which is good but takes time away from other things as well.
One of the exercise things I do is strength training with my son three times a week. Since we’re doing it together we have to do it in the evenings, between my teaching and dinner. And just yesterday did I realize that that used to be one of the time slots that I had used for blogging or recording a podcast in the past. Bummer.

The other thing (apart from time) is that I am still in the middle of revising a novel. Well, what is supposed to become a novel when it grows up some day.Even though I mostly sit around procrastinating it still seems to take most of my creative energy.

But fear not! I have a plan! I think I can manage to blog again, and record podcasts, if I shift my dy around a bit. As evidenced by this.
I have several posts that I’ve been wanting to write for ages, and so I’m pretty hopeful there will be more to read here in the future.

I hope you’re still all there.

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  1. Still here! Thanks for posting. Since Google Reader stopped sending me stuff, I went with another feed (Feedbin), so whenever you post, I’ll see it. I enjoy your blog.

  2. Ich bin auch noch hier. 🙂

  3. me too. Take your time 🙂

  4. Keine Sorge – warten lohnt sich bei dir ja immer 😉
    Ich höre so lang die alten Folgen noch einmal – die Themen sind ja immer aktuell.
    Alles Liebe. NaHu

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