Feb 132014

and not getting enough messes with your life in a big way.

Today was supposed to be the day I exercise (first time in weeks), take a shower, and go grocery shopping. After a rather lazy start into the day I changed my plans to taking a shower, and then cleaning the house because that seemed more important than the groceries. (Cleaning also hasn’t happened for some time, and right now you can really see it, and we still have enough food to get us through the day.)

Then I rested a bit. I was, of course, determined to only lay down for ten minutes, and then to get going. Yeah, not so much. Thirty minutes later I went into the kitchen, found that my husband was late as well, helped him prepare lunch, and emptied all the waste paper baskets. I even dusted the house but then I ate, and then I worked, and then was now.

This sounds like the mid-morning nap was the problem but the problem was – as always – that I had been so sleep deprived that I not only felt the need to retire to bed in the middle of the day but that I also fell soundly asleep on the spot.

The past week has been really bad for getting enough sleep. Some days I’d go to bed too late, so I was tired. Some days I went to bed on time but slept badly. Some days I went to bed almost on time but woke up early, and couldn’t fall asleep again. And then on Tuesday I went to bed really, really late – like three hours too late – woke up one hour before the alarm and couldn’t fall asleep again.

Which brought me to the point where I’m now, sleep is the only thing I can think of. I even contemplated going to bed without eating dinner first. Which just doesn’t happen with me.

And this last week showed me again and again why getting adequate sleep is so super-important. Since I was always tired I haven’t cleaned anything, I haven’t made music, I haven’t worked on my novel, I’m just too tired. I’m a bad listener, everything I do takes ages, I’m sloppy, I make mistakes, it’s a big mess.

So my firm intention is to go to bed before 10 tonight, and tomorrow.

Maybe then I’ll be able to think straight again.

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  1. Sleep is an issue over here, too, especially the past few weeks. It usually starts on sunday: I can’t fall asleep for one or even two hours. I’m trying to establish good habits and I really deserve an A+ in “Sleep hygiene theory” (you know, not eat too late, no exciting movies/talks before sleep, no caffeine after (in my case) 3 pm …), but it just doesn’t happen. Then I’m stumbling through monday like a living dead, naively thinking that I’ll at least be able to sleep the next night. Which seems to be the case until I switch off the light. Tuesdays are dart club evenings, I won’t be home before midnight (if I go, which I haven’t the last week because when I’m too tired my mind is weak and messy and I’m not much help for my team) From there I’m making my way through the rest of the week, cancelling what isn’t really necessary. It sucks, really. At least I’m having an idea why it is that way right now, but if I’m right it’s gonna stay like that for some time. I need a workaround.
    So, I know how you feel, maybe, a little bit. Good luck for tonight and sleep well 🙂

  2. Hallo Susanne,

    wenn ich nicht schlafen kann, höre ich ein möglichst langweiliges Hörbuch. Die Klassiker sind besonders gut geeignet. Ich stelle die Lautstärke so niedrig ein, dass ich zwar gerade noch zuhören kann, sie mich aber nicht stört, falls ich einschlafe. Vielleicht würde das einen Teil Deines Problems lösen?

    Ich wünsche Dir erholsame Nächte!

    Liebe Grüße,

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