Jul 262013

I found that for the past few days or so I’ve been waiting all the time. Which is not the best way to spend my life. So I decided to make a list:

I’m waiting

  1. for work to be over so that I can start into the weekend,
  2. for tomorrow to arrive so I can open my presents
  3. for work to start again on Monday,
  4. for school to end on Tuesday,
  5. for summer break to begin
  6. for my son’s new school to start in September,
  7. for the endless blob of orange fiber to be spun,
  8. for Camp NaNoWriMo to be over with me having written another 10,000 words,
  9. for having time to sew and weave again,
  10. for the two spindles I ordered to arrive (I just ordered two days ago from the US, might take a while),
  11. for my son to learn to empty his pockets before putting his pants in the laundry,
  12. for my son to learn to pick up after itself.
  13. for the temperature to get down to reasonable again,
  14. for summer break to end.

This is doing me no good, so I will now practice to breathe in and out, and live in the now.


Wish me luck!

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  1. Oh, dann ist morgen wohl ein besonderer Tag 😉

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