Jan 252013

It’s snowing again. Which might look pretty but means I have snow-shoveling to do on top of everything else. Which makes me feel a bit panicky which then usually leads to spending the whole day in front of the computer reading ravelry. Which doesn’t really help. List time again.

My husband went to get a MRT today because of his shoulder which had been hurting since August. He almost didn’t go because he had the feeling the doctor misdiagnosed him, and didn’t even look at him properly. Well, turned out the doctor is better than he thought, my husband has a slipped disc in his neck. Which pinches a nerve which makes his shoulder, and arm hurt, and his fingers tingle.

I am very happy that he has a diagnose, finally, after all these months of pain. (We have a new rule now, after this and the other incident where he had pneumonia without realizing it; it says: when your wife tells you that you need to see a doctor, make an appointment and go right now, this instant, even if you don’t have time for this.)

It’s also inconvenient because it means that all the hard work like carrying beer cases into the cellar, shovel the snow and such will now be mine. On top of all the usual things. Argh. I will do my best. I also foresee a time where he keeps pointing out to me how I did not vacuum or shovel properly. Also argh.

He’ll see his doctor on Monday, and then we’ll now about treatment. I really hope he won’t have to have surgery. But 95% of people with this don’t, so there’s hope.

And now I have to get myselff off the computer to buy more groceries, shovel snow, maybe run a bit, take a shower, order takeout, and get it, and then, maybe, if I’m lucky, I get to write a bit on the novel, and who knows, maybe dust a little or something.

Rather long teaching day ahead but it’s bearable because I have a one hour break right in the middle. And I slept enough for once last night.

Have also completed two ‘next steps’ from the index card project list. (I put all of my projects on index cards, a card for each project with how far I am, and what needs to be done next. Having them all in this tangible form really helped.) Frogged an almost completed handspun sock, and found the rest of the yarn for a cardigan. Took less than ten minutes all together.

Have not knitted or spun for almost a week, there’s so much going on, and I’m so exhausted that I just don’t feel like picking the knitting up, not even if it’s totally mindless.

I have really high hope for the weekend, though.

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