Sep 152012

Not that it was hard to, we had a pretty nice summer break, only a little busier than I would have liked.

  • Not only did I hurt my ankle, I then re-hurt it again, and have had to wear a brace for the last two weeks. Two more weeks to go, and then I’ll hopefully be mobile again.
  • I didn’t do most of the things I had planned to do, strangely enough. In the past two days since school started again I have been five times as productive as the weeks before.
  • It seems that I really needed time off to get my energy back. Also, sleep. I can’t stress this enough, sleeping enough really makes a huge difference. Of course the last two days, the days when I needed to get up early again, I slept about two hours less than I need. By day two I was almost dozing off in the afternoon, also didn’t stop eating.
  • My son earned his first two swim badges. He was really late for the first one, the one where you have to swim 25 meters to prove that you can swim, and after he aced that one (next to children half his age), we decided he should try for the next one, bronze, where you have to swim 200 meters in 15 minutes, jump of the 1 meter diving board, and pick up a ring from the bottom of the pool about two meters down. With a little training he aced that too! I’m very proud of him.
  • My son and I also went to see about 60 of our relatives. The offspring of my father’s mother and her siblings. Sixty people, all related to us, and most of them we hadn’t met before. And the hotel, and the lake, and everything was gorgeous.


  • My husband and son built a thing where we can store the wood for the stove.
  • We went to IKEA, looked at kitchens, were totally overwhelmed, and got home with a desk and chair for our son. Finally, now that he is in fourth grade, our son has his own writing desk for doing his homework.
  • We cooked a big dinner for my husband’s uncle and aunt, all Portuguese food. Everybody was totally impressed by it, and by the table setting and all. Nobody had known that we even own a tablecloth. (Unfortunately nobody took any pictures. The next picture is leftovers the day after.)

green soup

So now teaching has started again, I hope to settle into a comfortable rhythm in a week or two, and to be back here a bit more often. How was your summer?

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