Aug 132012

It’s been two weeks already, and I’m still waiting for this feeling of summer break. You know, those days that just go by without appointments, or things to do, or places to be. But so far there has been a string of things, and people, and tasks.

It all started with my husband’s last house concert in mid-July. We were still teaching until the end of the month but this year things got a little extra busy. My husband invited a pianist friend who came all the way from Bamberg to play:



Meanwhile I was spinning yarn like mad. This is what I spun during the ‘Tour de Fleece’ (which takes place during the Tour de France):

TdF 220712

The weekend after that we played at another friend’s birthday party. I don’t have a single picture of that but it was sort of fun, and sort of way too much. Especially since we learned two new songs, and rearranged everything else, and only had the week before to rehearse everything.

The weekend after that (still teaching) we went to the pianist friend’s summer fest where my husband played bass. They did a few sixties rock numbers including a fair bit of Santana songs:


Then there were a few more days of teaching, and finally – summer break. I have to say we were too busy even to celebrate my birthday properly. Imagine that. But there was cake.

First my husband had a colonoscopy which certainly was fun. Not. Then we rode our bikes to the nearby beergarden:



In between I had stopped spinning yarn like crazy, and started knitting a cardigan from it. This is the progress after four days:

shades of brown day 4

Then a theme emerged. It was beergarden every day. First we rode our bikes all the way to the Andechs monastery. That’s 2 1/2 hours of bike riding one way. And of course we rode all the way back as well. In the rain.

Here’s my family taking a break from biking:


The day after that we met my husband’s aunt and uncle – beergarden again, and the day after that a friend of mine and her family whom I hadn’t seen in a year or more.

And then I knit, and knit, and knit, and knit, until I was totally sick of the thing, and until it was so big that I could only knit on it in the easy chair in the TV room, and yesterday evening I finally finished the knitting:

shades of brown finished

Now I hope that I’ll manage to both relax, and get tons of stuff done. And we all know how that will end.

And on Thursday my son and I will ride a train all the way to Northern Germany, and meet about two dozen relatives of my father. I’m really looking forward to it but to be frank we’ll spend almost as much time on the train as at the meeting. But I get to see a part of Germany where I’ve never been, and get to meet relatives I’ve never met before, and my father’s sister whom I really like but don’t really know.

I really hope to keep you all posted. I’d wish you all a nice summer break as well but I know that for most of you it’s time to go back to school already. I hope you have a great time anyhow.

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  1. A couple of SOCK songs? How fun!
    If you happen to come waaay up North (say Kiel 😉 ) and you have a spare minute, give me a shout out!
    And colonoscopies are important! It can save lifes (and believe me, chemotherapy is so much less fun….)

  2. Oops, rock songs of course. Auto-correct strikes again. (And I have changed it in the post already.)

  3. Yeah, thank You for the sock songs (changed in the post? Not yet…).
    It leaves me speechless how fast you knit (can´t say anything about the spinning, but I suppose it´s fast as well).
    I wish you nice summer days with not too much on the timeline – but with some nice appointments. For me the summer feeling of “nothing around here to do” is nice, but not the whole time. Here school and work started again, and appointments and meeting friends and and and. I´m well 🙂
    LG, ebenfalls aus dem Norden,
    Pia Pessoa

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