May 132012

Today I got to sleep in, have a very leisurely breakfast – not in bed – went on a nice stroll with my husband to get flowers for his mother, had excellent Indian food made by said husband which included spinach picked from the porch, got to weave a bit on my new loom, and got this heart, sewn by my son as a present:


Beautiful, isn’t it? And the colors are just perfect.

  One Response to “Happy Mother’s Day 2012!”

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you. I was waiting patiently in bed for my coffee, but it did not come. I decided it was a sign: this is the year that I have to go out and get what I want for myself! 🙂

    Your son did a great job on that ornament! Fiona made me a blank book. It has eight pages, so I thought I’d do one page for each month left in the year. That’s about my pace.

    Your Indian food with home-grown spinach sounds divine. I wanted pizza take out last night (a big splurge, as I am on a no-flour diet). I had ricotta, bacon, and onions. It would have gone great with my sunny-side-up egg this morning.

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