Mar 262012
  • I know that it’s most often Monday when I get in the mood to do a random post. I think that’s because every week on Monday I try to re-start my life. Get back on track with the things I want to accomplish, make time for the things that matter. I still have a hard time with weekends but I seem to be getting better at them.
  • I’m thinking about weaving a lot at the moment. That doesn’t mean that I’m weaving a lot, just that I’m thinking about it. I already own three weaving books so far, and I’m looking at the pretty pictures, and try to decide which loom I’d want to buy. Okay, to be honest, I know exactly which one I want to buy, now I only have to save the money for it. Until then I will make do with my homemade backstrap loom. Have I told you about this yet? Here’s a picture:


  • As you can see (and I think I actually posted this exact same picture before) one end is tied to our kitchen table, the other end is tied to me (hence the name backstrap). I made it myself out of a few dowels, and a broomstick from the grocery store. And a ruler. It works very well, and is not as limited as one would think. Also it can be rolled up and stored in a bag in my closet. Yesterday evening I warped it for a striped band.
  • I’m also looking at my new spinning wheel, which isn’t new at all, and slowly I’m learning about how to oil it, and put a new drive band on so that I can use it.
  • I’m still running and doing yoga, only I seem to do it a little less often, mostly once or maybe twice a week.
  • About two weeks ago I stopped using shampoo. I’m using baking soda and vinegar instead (not together, one after the other). My hair seems to like it. I’m still a bit on the fence about pouring cold water over my head.
  • I seem to be going out a lot more often than I used to. About once a week I find myself heading to Munich to meet people. This week it’s tomorrow morning, and then again next Sunday.
  • I’m still playing my ukulele every day. And I still love it.
  • On a related note, last Saturday my husband and I went to a friend’s birthday party, and we did play and sing a few songs. It was a lot of fun, and the people seemed to like it. When they wanted yet another encore we played “Corcovado”, a song that we haven’t played together for years, and years, and that we hadn’t played at all, apart from when we taught it to students which is not that often.
  • That song might have been the one where we didn’t make a single mistake.
  • I leave you with a picture I took on Saturday:


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