Jan 172012

Every other Tuesday I meet with a few other women who belong to the “Munich Creative Group”. We meet for breakfast, and we tell each other what we have accomplished in the past two weeks, and what we want to do in the weeks to come. These meetings have been surprisingly inspirational, and the group as a whole is a veritable fountain of information. Want to know where to find art supplies, classes, get organizational tips, software or marketing help, improve your CV – there is bound to be someone who knows about it.

Today we met at a new location, a café that happens to be one of my favorite cafés in Munich. Twenty years ago I lived right around the corner from it.

creative notebook

We also made plans for a group show in mid-February. I’m very excited about that. I will definitely sing or play something, and I might even step out of my comfort zone and show a few of my photographs. Here are a few impressions from today’s breakfast (of course I only snapped pictures after everybody was done with their food, not before when it looked delicious).

creative breakfast


I also got a new mug for my husband’s morning tea or coffee. His old one lost its handle a few months ago, and since then he has been burning his fingers every single morning. And he isn’t a morning person on the best of mornings, so imagine his mood with hurt fingers (musicians usually are very particular about their fingers – my first thought when something happens to my hands is if I’ll be able to play or not). When I gave him his present at lunch he couldn’t help but smile:

smiley mug

  2 Responses to “What I did this morning”

  1. Süße Tasse, da musste ich auch lächeln!

  2. …der Brunch- Tisch sieht ja sehr ansprechend aus, magst Du den Namen des Cafés verraten, ich wohne i.d.N. von Augsburg und fahre auch mal wieder gerne zum Bummeln nach München…?

    LG, Gabi

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