Mar 312011

Today I went on a school trip with my son’s class. We went to visit the somewhat local newspaper. Though I took lots of pictures I can’t show you most of them since you can see so many children’s faces. But I thought this one was safe. On our way back to the bus station we also looked at a very pretty old church. This is a St Leonhard’s church for the patron saint of horses:

school trip

The children are all looking at the gorgeous ceiling to find saints that they know:


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  1. what a nice church! even the angled, wide kneelers look kind of comfy. I can’t imagine a school field trip here ever stopping at a church, even for the architecture.

    the field trip that the Kindergarteners are taking this year falls on my son’s birthday. I can’t remember what his answer was when I asked if he wanted me to chaperone. It’s to a not-very-good children’s play that I saw when my daughter was in K, so if he said no I would be happy.

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